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Electrode tube, copper brass and guide

Electrodes and materials
tubetti rame e ottone

Electrode tube, copper brass and guide

We work with ceramic guides, rubber seals and cover splashes, brass tubes and copper and tungsten carbide, both single and multichannel, and specific liquid to drilling.

Other diameters, lengths and types are available on request.

Ceramic guide

Our ceramic guides are very precise and, in addition to presenting the cooling hole, they have a dual ceramic cores, at the both end of guide which ensures the perfect isolation from the electric discharge between tube and guide.

Standard electrode tube

We provide a complete range of brass, copper and tungsten carbide tubes, both in single hole and in several multichannel solutions:
• 2 channel, normal type or with bigger holes;
• 3 channel Y type, normal type or with bigger holes;
• 4 channel.

Flushing Fluid for EDM-drilling (BP 50)

Our Flushing Fluid BP50, obtained as a ready-to-use solution or as a concentrate to be diluted, increases the operating material removal rate and reduces electrode wear by up to 30-50% than using alone water demineralized and offers one further advantage acting as an additive for lubrication of the circulating pump for the flushing fluid.

fluido per foratrici BP 50

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Reuse Philosophy

Our “green” commitment is not only formal, but substantial.
We try to minimize the environmental impact of our reproductive cycle at every stage, including through the PERPETUA project, providing the raw material for the creation of a stylish and functional 100% made in Italy design object.