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TECNO EDM & WRAD toghether for fashion and sustainability

Sustainability: becomes the vocation of Matteo Ward, former Co-Administrator of the Corporate Responsibility of Abercrombie, who in 2015 decided to inform consumers about the real environmental impact of the clothes they wear. This is how WRAD, the digital movement and community was born with the aim of stimulating a response from the public sensitive to the issue.

The first partnerships start, like the one with the company “Alisea Recycled and Reused Objects Design” by Susanna Martucci, the inventor of Perpetua, the first pencil made with graphite powder recycled from the production cycle of Tecno E.D.M. S.r.l. . From the meeting with Susanna the idea was born to dye the fabrics with the same recycled graphite used to produce Perpetua. This is how the “Graphi-tee” t-shirt was born in 2017, developed by Silvia Giovanardi and dyed with recycled graphite powder from Tecno E.D.M. S.r.l. .

The tradition of mineral dyeing is thus passed down with a strong impact on the environment, since it is recycled a production waste that would otherwise be disposed of, and on the individual, who wears a natural and non-toxic substance. “Graphi-tee” is thus awarded the “Red Dot Design Award” and in 2018 the project is a finalist in the Green Carpet Award of the National Chamber of Fashion.

Collaborations with Yoox continue, and in 2018 “Wradoscope” was born, a line of Graphi-tee inspired by the zodiacal signs. Another important collaboration is with “Starbucks Reserve Roastery”, for which in addition to the t-shirts are made a hemp and graphite sweatshirt and a Denim jacket, the G-Jacket.

In 2018 the collaboration with Roberta Valentini, icon in the history of Italian fashion and owner of the Penelope concept store in Brescia. A “Graphi-tee” line is created with its image.

For the collections of 2019-20, Wrad has developed, in collaboration with the artistic Ian Cibic, a series of graphics called “Tomorrow People”, trying to imagine the appearance that mankind will have in 150 years. Today Wrad garments are available in London, Berlin and Japan.

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