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Product Catalogue Tecno EDM

Product Catalogue : TECNO EDM srl is specialized in the design and production of electrodes in graphite, copper and tungsten copper. It also distributes materials and products related to the E.D.M. world, so raw copper and graphite, wire, filters and accessories, including finishing and water treatment machinery.

catalogo prodotti Product Catalogue progettazione costruzione elettrodi electrodes production technician holds tablet with mechanical drawing

We are specialized in the design and production of graphite, copper and tungsten copper electrodes. Experience and certifications have made us the leader in the market.

elettrodi in grafite elettrodi grafite cover graphite electrodes

Graphite electrodes

Our production can pre-configured our graphite electrodes for use with your standard connections, for fast and easy fitting on your machines.

elettrodi in rame elettrodi rame complessi filo per elettroerosione

Copper electrodes

We can build copper and tungsten copper electrodes with commercial and specific standard plugs, also made with wire electro-erosion.

calibro posizione attrezzature EDM attrezzature per edm

Equipments for EDM

Thanks to our experience we are able to design and build electrode holders, fixing systems and control gauges for machined and studied pieces to make your production system more efficient.

grafite elettrodi materiale filo per elettroerosione graphite raw block


Graphite has many advantages that have made it the material most widely used for EDM electrodes, so now it coming to compete with copper also for finishing workmanship.

blocchi rame

Copper and copper tungsten

The Copper is the historic material for EDM and, thanks about its resistance to the discharges, is still a good alternative to graphite, so we offer a wide range of sizes to meet your every need.

tubetti rame ottone elettrodi filo per elettroerosione EDM

Electrode tube, copper brass and guide

We process ceramic guides, rubber seal and cover splashes, electrode tube (brass/copper), both single and multichannel. Other diameters, lengths and types available on request.

edm wire filo per elettroerosione EDM filo EDM elettroerosione taglio

EDM wire

Tecno EDM produces high quality wire for EDM (brass or zinc coated) and is also a distributor for Dahmen, a German manufacturing company. Other brands are also available on request.

tubetti rame ottone fluido foratrici BP50 concentrato

Wire accessories

We have a wide range of spare parts for all commercial machines: contacts, flush cups, wire guides and chemicals to protect and conserve the surfaces of workpieces.

Filtri per tuffo e filo

Filters for sinking and wire machines

Our company is able to provide all types of filters for different machines available on the market, so we suggest the best solution at the most competitive prices.

fissaggi per EDM cover-fissaggi EDM tolling

EDM Tooling

We offer you the innovative F-Tool EDM tooling system, which optimizes wire EDMing with multifunctional clamping possibilities to the needs of the end users.

Chemical products

We provide you with a wide range of high quality and German production chemicals for molding, for WEDM and dielectric liquid.

Complementary materials sabbiatrice sistema HGH materiali complementari

Complementary materials

Thanks about our experience, we develop a range of accessories dedicated to your workshop: lapping products, magnetic planes, sandblasting machines and EDM drills, etc.

Impianti Deionizzazione Acqua

Deionisation system

The importance of water deionization to ensure a long life of your machines is known, about it we offer you the best solutions in the process water treatment industry.


Discover all the most important news related to the world of EDM with our complete product catalogue.