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EDM Tooling

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fissaggi per EDM cover-fissaggi EDM tolling

EDM Tooling

New F-Tool EDM Tooling Systems optimize electro-erosion processes thanks to simple hardware and intelligent solutions.

The EDM tooling line features through the simple concept for the professional at everyday life.

  • The F-Tool WEDM tooling assortment is developed by well-known engineers and
    made of corrosion-resistant, high-quality steel. The system fulfils highest
    quality claims.
  • The basic ruler provide a stable stopper and a clamping beam for large parts
    and many practical F-Tool clamping elements.
  • The system is stable, can be cleaned well and is assembled directly on the
    basis zero tables of the machines.
  • The F-Tool clamping elements can be pushed free in position under the
    clamping groove after the insertion, before they are clamped on the stopper
    with the clamping screws.
  • The F-Tool clamping elements can be charged with the work piece outside the
    machine and later be assembled in the machine, system oriented in
    reference position.
The F-Tool EDM tooling system

The F-Tool System allows to collet with 3R and EROWA systems.

F-Tool WEDM tooling system

The new F-Tool WEDM tooling system is developing continuously to the needs of the users and provides:

• multifunctional clamping possibilities;
• economic solutions;
• palletisable clamping elements;
• compatible solutions to existing tooling systems.

EDM Tooling fissaggi per EDM fissaggi Ftool sistema di fissaggio per macchine a elettroerosione a filo F-Tool
fissaggio per edm sistema serraggio pezzi da lavorare montaggio sistema fissaggio EDM

Palletisation of the work pieces.

fissaggio per EDM presetting fuori macchina montaggio sistema fissaggio EDM

Presetting outside the machine.

fissaggi per EDM manipolazione trasferimento in macchina montaggio sistema fissaggio EDM

Manipulation and transfer into the machine.

chiusura rapida vite montaggio sistema fissaggio EDM fissaggi per EDM

Clamped fast in reference position.

F-Tool WEDM tooling line

The F-Tool WEDM tooling line features by the high quality and precision of the components, developed by well-known engineers, is made in high-quality steel and corrosion resistant. The system fulfils highest quality claims!

set barre FTool fissaggi macchine elettroerosione filo fissaggi per EDM

F-tool Ruler Set 1

set FTool sistemi fissaggio fissaggi per EDM

F-Tool 3D Vise Set 100

set angolo FTool fissaggi macchine elettroerosione filo fissaggi per EDM

F-Tool Corner Set

set fissaggio FTool macchine elettroerosione filo fissaggi per EDM

F-Tool WEDM Tool Set

F-Tool CentroClamp

The basis of the F-Tool CentroClamp consists of a milled, tempered housing, two hardened and ground guide rails, two hardened guide slides and a robust spindle thread.

base FTool Centro Clamp fissaggi per EDM
F-Tool ZeroPoint Clamping System – ZPS

The F-Tool ZPS is a simple, precise, powerful zero point clamping system. The positioning takes place by means of conically cut clamping pins which compress the centring ring during clamping and form a friction-locked connection with the base unit. This compensates for any lateral clearance. The pallet can be fastened to the ZPS base unit mechanically using screws or by means of an additional independent clamping mechanism.

Below are the four universal options of use.

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Reuse Philosophy

Our “green” commitment is not only formal, but substantial.
We try to minimize the environmental impact of our reproductive cycle at every stage, including through the PERPETUA project, providing the raw material for the creation of a stylish and functional 100% made in Italy design object.