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Wire accessories

Complementary materials

Wire accessories

wire accessories accessori filo EDM cover fluidi spray ricambi

Wire accessories

Wire accessories : We have a wide range of spare parts for the most popular commercial machines: Agie, Brother, Charmilles, Hitachi, Fanuc, Japax, Machino, Mitsubishi, Ona, Seibu, Sodick.

Among the available accessories: contacts, flush cups, wire guides and chemicals to protect both the workmanship and the storage of the articles made.


We produce: Resin Ambelite MB9L with ionic interchange or absorption and the new TEDM 2010 deioniser resin.

Antikor RS extra and Flushing fluid BP

Antikor spray responds to the need for the market for the protection of workpieces for wire machines, providing a high degree of protection against corrosion and a good lubricating power for iron, steel and any other metal material. BP Fluid instead performs an excellent filtering action for application to mechanical filters and chemical filters, reducing the need for subsequent treatments, especially in cutting areas.

resina accessori filo EDM ricambi
fluido BP spray Antikor accessori filo ricambi

Other materials - Wire accessories

accessori filo EDM macchine utensili slim ricambi

E.KO Ioniser

A practical and quality solution for EDM applications.
The e.Ko Ioniser is the must have that completely replaces the resin and mixed bed, therefore represents one of the solutions more eco-friendly in the water treatment sector, allowing you to exploit the full potential of your machines.
Thanks to our rental system based on real needs and without burocratic length, you would avoid high costs of investement and heavy disposal costs.
You will work with an equipment always in excellent codition, on which you can absolutely rely.

Rubber abrasive cleaning

Artifex Z abrasive tools. The artiflex z series features a rubber bond, resulting in abrasive tool that is chemically neutral and silicon-free.

Wire erosion machines - Wire accessories EDM

The stringent demands of rust protection for workpieces during wire EDM are fulfilled during coaxial and fully immersed cutting. The workpieces to be cut can be thoroughly protected by spraying with ANTIKOR before and also after bringing the wire into contact. Bright ground metal surfaces remain in an absolutely new
condition when it is used correctly. Only in the direct area of cutting and water jet action is the protective film destroyed by high water pressure.
The protective effect begins about 3 – 4 mm away from the cutting zone. When ANTIKOR is used before machining begins, the protective film on the contact points can be removed with a few drops of SOLVO N – SPRAY. Holes drilled in workpieces can be reached by extension tubes and degreased by SOLVO N – SPRAY.
Drying residues do not occur. No contamination of the circulating water or the mechanical and chemical filtration by greasing and degreasing can be detected. ANTIKOR is an excellent lubricant and protective agent for the wire erosion (EDM) machine itself. It does not become hard and gummy and can always be removed easily, even after a long time. For example, by spraying the inner walls of the cutting compartment, for coaxial or water bath system, ignition residues can be prevented from sticking and hardening.
The residues are bonded into the film of ANTIKOR and wiped away effortlessly when the machine is cleaned.

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Reuse Philosophy

Our “green” commitment is not only formal, but substantial.
We try to minimize the environmental impact of our reproductive cycle at every stage, including through the PERPETUA project, providing the raw material for the creation of a stylish and functional 100% made in Italy design object.