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Deionisation system

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Impianti Deionizzazione Acqua basi

Deionisation system

Deionisation system : The role of water in the erosion process is essential for isolation between the work piece and the wire, for transport of the particles and for cooling of the working piece and the wire

The use of water in the edm is therefore optimal, but its demineralisation is essential to reduce the electrical conductivity to an acceptable level.

Our deionizers represent the best way to obtain deionized water with low conductivity and an optimum ph. the benchmark for demanding customers.

A practical and quality solution for EDM applications.
The e.Ko Ioniser is the must have that completely replaces the resin and mixed bed, therefore represents one of the solutions more eco-friendly in the water treatment sector, allowing you to exploit the full potential of your machines.
Thanks to our rental system based on real needs and without burocratic length, you would avoid high costs of investement and heavy disposal costs.
You will work with an equipment always in excellent codition, on which you can absolutely rely.


The use of this famous deionizer has proven to be essential to obtain the best and most consistent water quality in the EDM field.

This device reveals its full strength when used in standard applications, including: aluminum, copper, titanium, polycrystalline diamonds (PCD).

deionisation system ionizzatori Impianti Deionizzazione Acqua
E.KO IONISER® 1051 – 1502

E.KO Ioniser it is available in two models.

  • 1051 E.KO Ioniser : Standard applications, aluminium, copper, titanium, polycristaline diamonds (PCD).
  • 1052 E.KO Ioniser :Hard metal, copper, graphite, titanium cobalt material, synthesized metallic material, steels.

The two equivalent systems E.KO IONISER® 1501 and 1502 perfectly complement their different application areas and are not interchangeable due to their various usage scopes. The E.KO IONISER® 1502 was designed specifically for special applications in the carbide field: carbide, copper, graphite, titanium, cobalt materials, sintered metal materials, metallurgical steels in powder.

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Reuse Philosophy

Our “green” commitment is not only formal, but substantial.
We try to minimize the environmental impact of our reproductive cycle at every stage, including through the PERPETUA project, providing the raw material for the creation of a stylish and functional 100% made in Italy design object.