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Complementary materials

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Complementary materials sabbiatrice sistema HGH materiali complementari

Complementary materials

Complementary materials : thanks to our experience, we develop a range of products dedicated to graphite working: rotary file sets, diamond clip, grinding machine, sandblasters and other tools.


Our sandblaster without glass balls eliminates the layer of martensitine by avoiding inclusions on the surfaces, does not round corners, reduces the wear of machined parts and the formation of rust, facilitates molding.

The HGH blasting method, in fact, allows to reduce or increase surface roughness, while maintaining the quality of the processed work over time thanks to the dust separator.

 Other possible applications:

• Preparation of surfaces and their cleaning, before to galvanization or other processes;
• Cleaning of very dirty injection molds with increased surface densification (with increased mold life and anti-adhesive effect);
• Possibility to obtain a surface roughness of about 0.5 to 1.5 μm in rapid time and consequent reduction in costs.

sabbiatrice con sistema HGH
esempi di sabbiatura
microlap 100 200
Microlap 100 e 200

These two little equipment with a very fine casting are indispensable for precise sandblasting in the cavities and small holes. They are therefore a small and compact accessory for completing sandblasting possibilities.

Electro-permanent magnetic modules for wire EDM

By exploiting the innovative electro-permanent technology, the magnetic module MEF-100, made in stainless steel, needs no power supply to clamp the workpiece during its machining.

• controller with adjustable magnetization power;
• immediate workpiece loading and unloading;
• easy to install and user-friendly;
• completely maintenance-free;
• no power consumption;
• perfect anchoring.

moduli magnetici elettropermanenti
microforatrici Speed Drill EDM
Speed Small Hole Drilling EDM

The new third-generation small hole drilling are eco-friendly, have a workbench in diabase, and a set of easy and guided parameters. They allow drilling of tempered steel, stainless steel, fast steel, hard metal, copper and aluminum 2 to 3 mm high speed.

Reuse Philosophy

Our “green” commitment is not only formal, but substantial.
We try to minimize the environmental impact of our reproductive cycle at every stage, including through the PERPETUA project, providing the raw material for the creation of a stylish and functional 100% made in Italy design object.

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