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Electrodes production

Design and Production
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Electrodes production

Electrodes production : Tecno E.D.M. S.r.l. is specialized in the design and production of electrodes in graphite, copper and tungsten copper. Twenty-five years of experience and certification to standards ISO 9001:2008 have made our company into a market leader, providing an innovative service model in the field of EDM.

Our work centres supply electrodes meeting the most varied needs of mould makers, from very large parts to extremely slender ribs.

Our electrodes are tested with measuring machines and come with the appropriate dimensional certification.

Why choose us to manufacture your electrodes?

• To minimize problems and boost productivity
• To use graphite electrodes without having to worry about dust in the workshop
• To free up your machines for other production processes
• To simplify the management of materials in the warehouse: no more problems related with cutting and chips
• To obtain parts quickly and at a competitive price compared to your in-house costs


Graphite electrodes

Our graphite electrodes can be pre-configured for use with your standard connections, for fast and easy fitting on your machines.
Our Technical Office is at your complete disposal to meet any request, including electrode design and dimensioning for specific applications.

Copper electrodes

Our skill in the manufacture of electrodes has allowed us, over time, to develop and fine-tune advanced milling technology for this historical electro-erosion material.
Mayor contracts in the aeronautical industry have strengthened our ability to make electrodes with highly complex shapes, in both copper and tungsten copper.

Elettrodo-grafite costruzione elettrodi
Elettrodo rame costruzione elettrodi

Special productions for aeronautical industry

costruzione elettrodi electrodes production elettrodi aeronautica

Here are shown some examples of graphite electrodes, copper electrodes and copper-tungsten electrodes, manufactured to suit the highest standard requirements of technological advanced industries, such as the aeronautical ones.

We place our experience at all our customers disposal for machining every type of electrodes, using the most suitable materials for EDM applications.

elettrodi aerospace costruzione elettrodi

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Reuse Philosophy

Our “green” commitment is not only formal, but substantial.
We try to minimize the environmental impact of our reproductive cycle at every stage, including through the PERPETUA project, providing the raw material for the creation of a stylish and functional 100% made in Italy design object.