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About Us:

Tecno E.D.M. Srl is a manufacturer of graphite and copper electrodes, EDM equipment and a distributor of electro-erosion articles.

Since 1992, the company is market reference for the production of graphite electrodes, a process that is completely made in-house, as well as the marketing and distribution of complementary materials and accessories related to this molding technology

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Products and Services

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From design to construction, Tecno E.D.M. S.r.l. guarantees the choice of the finest materials and superior quality of the finished product, thanks to a 20 year experience in the field.

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Realizing important supplies to the aeronautics industry has allowed us to refine our construction techniques, bringing our production to levels of absolute excellence.

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Our graphite and copper electrodes can be designed to use standard customer-specific attachments to quickly mount on any machine.

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Our company distributes wire for electro-erosion, filters, EDM spare parts, tubes and related accessories, fasteners and chemicals and water deionization systems. Contact us, we will discuss with you the best solution at competitive prices and quick deliveries.

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We can provide graphite, copper, special alloys and other materials. We also produce standard or customized semi-finished products, already prefabricated with specific EDM attachments or special customer request.


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We are able to provide you with a wide range of complementary materials, such as WEDM-EDM equipment, mold maintenance chemicals, sandblasting machines, micro-drilling machines, magnetic planks, tools and polishing products.

Financial Results

  • Constant growth over the years
  • Satisfaction Index > 82%
  • 8 tons material recycled

Aerospace Avio Energy industry

25 years of technology and evolution in this field have enabled us to become the most experienced in the design and implementation of dedicated products.
Please consult us freely by illustrating your needs.

Recycle Writing

A unique intuition that becomes invention and outlines the future.

Perpetua allows the disposal of several tons of graphite, scraps of an industrial process and therefore destined to no longer be exploited.