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Electrodes and materials
grafite elettrodi materiale filo per elettroerosione graphite raw block


The processing of this material is our speciality, thanks to the performance offered by this material, today the graphite electrode is becoming more important.


Use Recomendations

Good EDM results require not only the proper selection of EDM material, but also proper machine settings, such as peak current, on time, off time, gap size, electrode polarity and most importantly the flushing conditions.

The advantages of this material

This material has many advantages that have made it the material most widely used for EDM electrodes:

  • it's easy to machine;
  • It's very resistant to thermal shock;
  • It's a low coefficient of thermal expansion which guarantees stability of electrode geometry during EDM;
  • It's available in large blocks;
  • It does not melt, but goes directly from solid to gas to 3,400 ° C, reducing wear;
  • Its density is 5 times lower than that of copper, which results in lighter electrodes;
  • It provides a higher metal removal rate than copper with less wear;
  • It’s the unique characteristic that the wear ratio tends to decrease as the peak current increases.

Graphite for electroerosion TME

  • TME 101 - For rough grad - Ideal for semi-finish grade;
  • TME 102 - Universal - Excellent relation Quality/Performance;
  • TME 103 - Universal with high quality - Very good superficial state;
  • TME 104 PLUS - With ultra fine grains - Reduced electrode usury, thin particulars;
  • TME 105 - With ultra fine grains and high density - Very low electrode usury;
  • TME 106 - With ultra fine grains - Performance and accurateness in EDM very high.

Under request we can supply graphite infiltrated with copper.

Moreover, with our fast service of blocks cut to size, you have the opportunity to order, for every type of our produtc, the exact size you need, also extra size blocks.

Standard Blocks

Graphite raw blocks for the electrodes production are also available in the “T” type, depending on your dimensional requirements.

Blocks' production for third parties

We’re able to satisfy every specific request, we make blocks with the fixing system and custom drilling.

Cylinders, conic plaques and ground plates

Our cylinders, conic plaques and ground plates are produced with two specific qualities:
– TME 103 is used for roughing and semi-finishing making;
– TME 105 is used for super-finishing making because of her wear resistance.
We’re able to supply these products whether with the standard sizes specified in the catalog or with special sizes.

blocchetti grezzi grafite elettrodi materiale graphite
graphite-custom grafite elettrodi materiale grafite personalizzazioni
grafite cilindretti grafite elettrodi materiale graphite

Tapping Electrodes

We are able to supply tapping electrodes on specific customer’s request.


Tapping electrodes is a very important element to drill and tap for very hard metals, tight tolerance and high productivity demands.


  • Straightness : 97%
  •  Tolerance of pitch outer diameter and lenght: 0 + 0.02 mm.
  •  Material : graphite.
  • Shape : without flushing hole.
  • Process : cutting thread system with single point tool by CNC M/C not rolling System.

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Reuse Philosophy

Our “green” commitment is not only formal, but substantial.
We try to minimize the environmental impact of our reproductive cycle at every stage, including through the PERPETUA project, providing the raw material for the creation of a stylish and functional 100% made in Italy design object.